Pictures of SCCA Double MARRS at Summit Point 9/2/96

This is the Formula group (CF,FF) heading between
Turn 2 and Turn 3. Not sure who is in front, but the
second car is Pete Cage’s Number 00.
Rob Troxell’s 1974 260Z precision tire race datsun 240z
Neil Maddox, Jr’s 1972 240Z. Neil suffered a little
damage to his front-end in July, but was back out again
and doing well.
Pat Sharkitt’s 1973 240Z. Pat had a spare everything
in his van, including a spare engine.
Jeff Lucas’s 1973 240Z and John Legg’s 1972 240Z.
Martin Jeter’s very fast 1972 240Z.
Another shot of Martin’s Z.
A perfect Lotus Elan just hanging out in the paddock.
A truely tiny car, the tops of the doors are about
two feet off the ground.
Russell Ford’s 1972 240Z
Jeffrey Krohto’s 1973 240Z.
James Cummings 1977 280Z
Paul Wheeler’s 1974 260Z.
David Cole’s 1972 240Z
David Teal’s 1973 240Z.
Robert Lentz’s GT-2 Nissan 280Z coming into Turn 10.
George Hulse’s GT-1 Porsche 911 in Turn 10.

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