Infiniti G35x – The ABS, VDC, AWS, and SLIP Lights all on

The other morning I get into my Infiniti G35x and as I head out the driveway, I notice that my ABS, VDC, AWD, and SLIP lights are all illuminated. This is not a good situation, as luck would have it, the areas first snow storm was expected later that day. The car drove normally during my 35 mile commute, however I was able to determine that yes, the car was only in RWD mode, and the traction control was not operating. After searching on the web, I found a couple suggestions, including low brake fluid. As I drove over to the local auto parts store at lunch, I was pretty sure that was not going to be the issue. As I pulled into the parking lot, I suddenly remembered that I had run over some twigs in the road the night before. Thinking maybe something got stuck in the wheel, I turned the front wheel all the way to lock.

Imagine my surprise to see the left wheel wheel filled with a black plastic fencing material that had wrapped thousands of times around the front drive shaft. Clearly this was the issue, either it was causing the wheel sensor to not work, or it had ripped out the wiring to the wheel sensor. After jacking up the front end and removing the left wheel, I spent the next 30 minutes cutting and unwrapping a very large amount of plastic fencing from around the drive shaft. I noticed that the front wheel sensor is a press-fit into the wheel hub where it extends out close to the ring around the wheel hub that is used to measure wheel speed. The sensor had been pushed out, which increased the distance from the hub ring enough so that it would not function.

The Infiniti’s ECU uses the wheel speed sensor to determine if a wheel is locked up or spinning at a different rate from the other wheels. This is what allows it to control the ABS (anti-lock brakes) and VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control – Traction Control). The ECU is also smart enough to disengage the all-wheel drive if these systems are not functioning properly.

Once I pushed back the sensor, the ECU again realized that it was receiving signals from the wheel sensor, and all the warning lights went out. So, if you have all of these warning lights illuminate at one time, and you know your brake fluid is topped off, check your wheel sensors. They may have been dislodged, the wiring damaged, or they may simply have failed. A quick inspection could save you thousands of dollars in repair bills.  In the following diagram, item 8 is the wheel speed sensor.

8 thoughts on “Infiniti G35x – The ABS, VDC, AWS, and SLIP Lights all on

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  2. Marc Gleicher

    Thanks for the write-up. Recently replaced front left wheel speed sensor and about a week after the ABS, VDC, AWS, and SLIP Lights all came on. Topped off brake fluid, checked pads, checked sensor connector, etc.

    Ends up while replacing the wheel bearing I nicked the half-shaft boot and grease flew out and coated the inside of the wheel along with the suspension and brake components (somehow missed the caliper and rotor thankfully) but gunked up the sensor and the access hole where it locates into the bearing.

    A bit of compressed air later, all lights are off.

    Thanks for the insight!


  3. gsmith Post author

    Glad you got it working! Always a good feeling when you can fix a problem and save yourself some bucks.

  4. Cesar

    Any idea what the oem part number for an 04 g35x wheel speed sensor driver side is? I have the same lights going off, and I’m having a hard time finding an AWD one online. Thanks

  5. Tonya

    I have a few questions, being a girl I know nothing about this. I just bought a Infiniti G35 2006 looks brand new . One owner on Carfax the guy took it to Nissan plant for regular tune ups, well taken care of. As I was driving I would turn the corner and when I break (seems only to do this when I turn the corner) the breaks or something in the front left side of tire etc locks up and slides. Chugs to. I replaced the cam shaft censors,topped off the break fluid. No luck. I spent all my money in this car and can’t afford to take it to the shop to spend hundreds just to get looked at. Any clue of what it could be? I have not yet looked at the wheel censor. It has a locked lug not on each wheel and of course car didn’t come with the tool to get that off. I hope it’s not the engine. But I don’t think it is. Plugged up the coder everything has green check mark no codes are popping up of anything wrong with it. Help!!

  6. Petja

    Hey this is exact issue going on with mine 07 g35 you might need to have your rotors checked if they need to be replaced or if they possibly can be shaved off. When a car sits for a while it can happen. Idk.i had to do it to mine. It helped with a noice and driving.after that it’s a must you get your alignment done about $50 and also make sure your break pads are not wearing out .

  7. fickanzeige

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