Chasing an Eagle Talon

I am right at the apex of Turn 5. I am gunning for a white Eagle Talon, and have a BMW M3 that just roared onto my tail. I will have no problems catching the Talon, however that BMW will be wanting to pass me as well! Not only are the BMW M3’s extremely fast at Summit Point, this one is being driven by one fast driver.
Lined up out of Turn 5. Getting ready to enter Turn 6.
The Talon is at its limit going around Turn 6. You can see that he is holding me up, as my Z is hardly leaning at all. The BMW’s tail has gotten happy, as he is forced to brake harder due to our slower then normal speed through Turn 6.
I am right on the Talon’s rear, while the BMW has backed off a bit. He is waiting to get us out of Turn 9.
Lined up through the Turn 8.
Finally, I get on the gas early through Turn 9, and pass the Talon quickly as we head up the hill. The BMW will follow, and he eventually passes me as we come out of Turn 10.

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