Pictures of Summit Point 3/15/96 in Rain

March 15th was Seat Time. An open track day at Summit
Point. We had hoped for nice weather, but we only got one
20 minute session that was almost dry. The other 5
sessions were wet, and slippery. It was a great day to
learn about your car, and how to slide around the track
in a controlled manner.
The only bad news for us was the sudden appearance of
burning oil when letting off the throttle. Looks like the
engine may need some work done to it in the coming
months. It still pulled strong, and no obvious damage was
These pictures were all taken at Turn 10. Steve (the
photographer) was staying under cover at the stand
located on the corner. It was pretty wet the whole day,
and I spent a lot of time sliding around. I had two close
calls, once when a 300ZX TT slid off the track into the
tire wall.
And once when a kitcar Austin-Healey (302 V8,
fiberglass, etc) spun right in front of me at Turn 3. I
got both on in-car video, so I may post MPEGs here once I
get that worked out.

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