Pictures of RX-7 at Summit Point

This is my 94 RX-7 at Summit Point. In this picture,
I am going through Turn 6. The car looks good here,
nicely settled into Turn 6 at just about the proper apex.
The quality of these pictures is not that great, click on
the picture to get a slightly higher quality JPG.
I got a little anxious here, and I am just up on the
curbing. Six inches to the left, and I am in heaven.
There is a red Mustang trying to catch me in the
background (good luck). You can see how his rear is
unloading as he trail brakes into Turn 5.
Again, I am approaching the apex of Turn 6. This time
I have a Porsche 911 on my tail. The 911’s are quick at
Summit Point, but this one was being driven by a rookie.
Hitting the second apex on Turn 6.
Once again, hitting the second apex on Turn 6.
Once again I am hitting the apex to Turn 6. This time
I have a Thunderbird TurboCoupe behind me. Hopefully not
for long.
Going through Turn 6, getting ready to hit the second
apex. Those wheels sure look clean!
Picture of my Dad in my RX-7 the day we picked up my
new race Z in Rhode Island.

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