Chasing a Porsche 911

Ok, I just caught up to a Porsche 911 coming
down Turn 4. I now hope to gain ground
through the twisties, and pass him out of
Turn 8. Lets see how close we can get. First,
we hit the apex into Turn 5.
Short straight-away from Turn 5 into Turn 6
Coming out of the first apex on Turn 6,
getting ready to start turning in slightly to hit
Turn 6’s second apex. Look at the front right
tire, you can almost see air under there.
Where did that Porsche go?
Starting to turn in for the second apex.
There he is! I am headed right for the second
apex in Turn 6, and the Porsche is right in
front of me. He is coming up on a white
Talon, and an older Corvette. I have the
pedal to the floor, and I am getting ready for
the quick switchback of Turn 8.
I come out of Turn 6, the car settles, and I
get ready to start the turn-in for Turn 8. I am
a little wider then I would like here, but it
should work out ok.
I am turning into Turn 8 here. I have to really
get a good shot into Turn 9 to get enough
speed to pass the Porsche.
I have the inside line of the Porsche, and he
has taken Turn 9 too slow. You can see how
much ground he has lost to the Corvette. I
sneak inside him before Turn 10. I even end
up passing the Corvette on the main straight.
I have to hang behind the Talon one more lap
before I get by him.

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