Toyota SDK8

I have a 1984 Toyota SDK8 that I bought a number of years ago.  It is a great skid loader, but because they are no longer imported into the US, it is a real pain to find any info.  I am going to start posting all of the information I have about it on this page, hopefully some other folks will add any information that they may have.  Right now I am focused on getting the starter turning over reliably, it usually only turns over about once every four or five tries.

My bucket attachment is also all mangled up, I am curious if anyone has replaced their’s with a BobCat Quick Tach attachment plate?

Repair manual which covers the inspection, adjustment and repair procedures for the overhaul of the engine, chassis and materials handling system of the Toyota Skid Steer Loader 2SGK6, 2SDK6, 2SDK7, and 2SDK8.

Fuel Filter Napa 3386

Oil Filter Napa 1521
Hydraulic Napa 51551

Fan Belt Mitsubishi 99523-11 52

Motor for SDK8 is a Toyota 2J diesel. Diesel Forklift truck CPCD80-2,80-2J,TOYOTA 2J ENGIN D B 4CY, 2.5 LTR

Go here to find some mini-skid steers.


Toyota SDK8
Not a BobCat
Toyota Bobcat Called SDK8
Toyota Skid Steer Loader
Toyota Bobcat Called SDK8
Toyota Skid Steer Loader

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263 thoughts on “Toyota SDK8

  1. 4510

    What battery are you all replacing in the SDK8? My local place wanted $1100. Need cold cranking amps. My numbers are all worn off.

  2. Dan Williams

    RE: Battery for sdk8—I have the sdk7 model and just replaced the tractor battery(650CCA) which was in mine with a 900CCA low profile type from the local Fleet/Farm store-fitment was much better as this battery is lower and wider than a tractor battery. One angle bracket with two battery hooks and it rides rock solid-no bouncing around! I paid about $125.00 with a battery/core exchange. It has plenty of reserve in the cold weather and will stand up to many hard starts. JFYI

  3. Thomas Spitters

    Where can I get pins and bushings for the arms and bucket attachment. Mine are c completely whore out

  4. Ron Stonehouse

    I am chasing an oil pump for a SDK8 serial number 10204. Where can I pick one up?
    Thanks Ron

  5. Ploeg82

    Hey guys I have a 1990s SKD7. I am pretty sure the main pump on it is shot. It will go in forward and reverse when cold but the hydraulics will hardly go up. Once it is hot it struggles to move. Any ideas if I’m on the right track and if so do I just get the pump rebuilt? The little engine runs great even though the machine is beat all to hell because I bought it from a demolition company but I’m thinking of selling it if this pump issue is a pain in the rear. I’m in Virginia and can deliver with in reason. Let me know what you guys think and feel free to call me at (804) 514-1294

  6. eugene zambon

    I just bought a sdk8 and when turning especially to the right it makes a clicking noise. My parking brake does not work could that be the problem?

  7. Robbie

    Hi. I have an 86 SDK8 that I need some help with. Machine was fine until I blew a hydraulic line, I stopped using immediately, repairs the line and now only the right side is working.
    Any help would be appreciated!

  8. Chris

    I have a Toyota SDK 10 runs great if I could get this problem resolved, I turn on the key and it wont engage the release on the foot controls or start, there’s just no power, no gages nothing I’ve traced all the wires for a brake nothing. Any Ideas ????

  9. Dan

    Did you check the lower left hand corner where the three pedals are for a locking bar that might lock out all the pedals? Mine is disconnected and sometimes if my left foot hits same it will lock-out all 3. Does your safety switch on the bottom of seat maybe shut down the start feature? Just a WAG??

  10. Chris

    Thanks for getting back to me, I resolved my problem, what I found was under the throttle cover, there was a wire harness plug in the left back corner that looked good from the outside but once I unplugged it it fell apart, rewired it and runs great again. 3 days I looked for that ptoblem.

  11. Bill Beckelman

    I have an SDK8 that starts and runs with new tires but it needs some work. I’m in New Jersey. 7327683331

  12. Austin Cloninger

    I have a SDK eight that the voltage system is charging at 18 V as soon as I got it running,, I replaced the regulator I’m not sure if they gave me the right regulator, has anyone had this issue? Any ideas? Thanks!

  13. Grant

    Is the problem the same before and after replacing the regulator? if its going over voltage, check the wiring, maybe the regulator is missing the ground back to the alternator, the ‘E’ wire – so the field coils are permanently energized, maybe a crusty connector on regulator or alternator, check continuity on all the wiring from alternator to regulator. The following diagram shows the basic internals of the alternator and regulator, looks pretty close to what the 2SDK8 one is, may help understand how it works and diagnose the issue
    Was it a genuine part? I picked up an after market voltage regulator for my 2sdk8 couple years ago, same part number, same fit – new style case, and didn’t work, was potted so could not look inside it – I forget exactly what symptoms it gave, not sure if just defective or wired bit different or cheap chinesium junk. My original one, had burnt up one of the coils after the wire on the alternator came loose and shorted out.

  14. Cranky

    Just a update concerning anyone with the Toyota 2J 2.5 diesel engine. I have been trying for a long time to find the insulated glow plug caps/covers/grommets here stateside to no avail. Went on a Equipment website and was told by one member there that the correct Toyota part# for aforementioned is 90189-04024 grommet and I was able to order(12) like to have spares-from they are worldwide based in UK? Total cost in usa $17.00 shipped price to doorstep! Kudo’s to that member/site as this was a real help! JFYI

  15. anthony meloro

    Hi All,

    I need a crank pulley. Does any one know the part number or have one for sale.


  16. Steven V

    I have a SDK7 that is pretty beat up from the previous owner being a demolition company. It still runs well but the hydraulics are shot. The bucket will not go up and down but the machine will still move enough to get it on a trailer. I have video of it running but it is going to the scrap yard at the end of the week 05/18/20 unless someone wants it. After that its going to the crusher. $800 and it can be yours. I feel bad sending it to the scrap yard but I need it out of my yard ASAP. Give me a call 804-514-1294. I can help you load it and can deliver within a few hours of Richmond Virginia for fee.

  17. Ellis

    Hey, first thanks to Jimmy for having the manual on this site to download, it is a great help!

    Secondly, does anyone know if I can replace the starter by removing the seat, or will I have to remove more than that to swap it out.

    As the OP states he had to try his four or five times as well to get it started which is the case with mine, except now it just won’t turn it over anymore…

  18. Grant

    You may need to remove the rear lower protection plate underneath the machine and come up from the bottom to get to the lower bolt and the battery cable terminal, although I have not removed my starter, I had to replace bolts one time, they came loose / fell out, starter came out and shorted battery cable out to motor. (probably my bad and did not tighten them after pulling the engine out for bottom pan oil leaks)
    I don’t remember if I had to pull radiator to get access.
    — replacement bolts were only few dollars, replacement battery was lot more 🙁

  19. Philip marshall

    I purchased three starters. All different. Get the starter out and get it rebuilt. Save yourself loads of hassle. Tricky to get out. Some yoga moves needed

  20. Bill Siegloff

    Does anyone know of aftermarket replacement drive motors, and tandem pumps for 2SDK8.
    Sundstrand Daikin part numbers are;
    Axial variable piston pump tandem;
    PV1818AR-N4ID HST
    Hydraulic drive motor;
    Surely someone out there has replaced the original hydraulics with another brand.
    Even cheapo China pumps will get me going again.
    Appreciate any responses, thanks in advance, from Tasmania, Australia.
    Cheers, Bill.
    Email: [email protected]

  21. Ellius

    Grant and Philip thanks for your response.

    I got the starter out, I’ll post a quick guide one I get it back in.

    Does anyone know the part number for the SDK8 starter motor? I took mine to a rebuild shop, but the sticker is rubbed off so they can’t look up the specs.

    Getting the alternator rebuilt as well, but the sticker is on that so should be good there.


  22. Ellis

    Anyone have the OEM part number for starter for SDK8? I tried to get mine rebuilt, but the shop said they were not able to rebuild it. The sticker with the part number on the side is worn off, so I can’t get the part number off of the starter…

  23. Bayden

    Ellis I bought a starter motor brand new about 10 months ago to fit my 2sdk8. I will take some pictures of it then I can send it to your email address if need?

    Also does anyone know the size of the bolts and nuts that bolt the engine to the pump? Mine have seemed to or disappeared ?

  24. Gary Brown

    I have a SDK8 Toyota skidsteer I am looking for a water pump pulley and fan I believe it is 1986

  25. lilevo90

    Another interesting tidbit regarding serials and build date range for the 8SDK

    serial 10101 5/7/1986 through serial 14699 3/31/1992

  26. Dan

    Lilevo 90

    Great videos on the sdk8-yours sort of looks like my sdk7 when I first got it, lots of loose wires and things that did not work! I currently am fighting a battle for starting as my wire harness connectors fried a few wires and I don’t have fuel going from the sedimeter up to the pump. I don’t have a smart phone to do a video like yours-however will try to find someone that does as it is very informative to watch how others work on their machines. Keep em coming!!

  27. maxland88

    please call me with detail infomation on your SDK 7 and let me see what can i help you! my cell no is :6267571898 attn: jim

  28. jeff holm-hansen

    I HAVE A S2DK8 DOES ANYONE KNOW THE GPM . I am considering a implement that requires a certain GPM I think 11 to16 GRM

  29. Ellis

    Okay, I bought a new starter and new alternator online from an aftermarket company. The alternator had the wrong pulley on it, and the starter didn’t fit inside the bellhousing.

    The starter case was not machined correctly so it wouldn’t insert into the bellhousing. I ended up swapping the old case off of my original starter and it fit. Saved around $400US on that one without having to order from Toyota.

    Ended up ordering alternator from Toyota, since I had the radiator out I just decided to replace it. Toyota shop was very friendly and it was nice that they still support vehicles from the 80’s.

    Bottom starter bolt can be removed with long long extension at a slight angle. The top started bolt is easier to get to and has a nut on the front of it, so you will need two wrenches/sockets to remove.

    Really nice to not have the click click click and no start issue, and not have to jump the battery anymore!

    I recommend replacing the starter if you have issues with it, it is not really too hard of a job.

  30. Dan

    Nice information to retain if one needs to replace items as such-hands on approach usually supercedes what is printed in the manual-thanks much for the information.

  31. d

    can you advise where you got your part numbers from and vendors-as l will be needing a lift pump like the one you replaced? thanks”…….Dan

  32. Tim Kelley

    looking for the full level mark on the hydraulic oil tank dip stick. how far up the stick should it be?

  33. Dan

    JFYI if anyone out there in usa is in need of cyl. Head for 2J engine-check out Facebook on 2SDK 7&8 forum, someone in Wisconsin. Had one for sale.

  34. Dan

    Check out the right rear corner as setting in machine, there should be a sight glass vial which shows the 1/2 full/mt for the Dextron hyd. Oil level!

  35. Chris Seagondollar

    I have a bucket smoth for a SDK 10 I’m in Charlotte NC IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED I SOLD MY UNIT.

  36. Tim

    I have 2 SDK 8’s. I’d like to get a copy of the parts book. I have a hard copy of the service manual somewhere. Need part #s . If anyone is willing to share I would appreciate it..

  37. Cranky

    General comment on Toyota skidsteers about “HARD START” after changing out fuel filter, cleaning of fuel sedimentary or loosing prime due to bad connections in fuel delivery system. Has anyone that owns a Toyota skid steer considered or engineered a 12 volt electronic fuel aux. pump in-line to keep the system always charged? If so, please share details as this seems to be a very common problems on the 2J engines! Thanks

  38. Chris Seagondollar

    They still build and sell these units in Australia, there called husky now, I had a SDK 10 for 20 years great machine. Ran great when I sold it two years ago, good luck.

  39. Dan Williams

    Thanks for your timely responce-just crusing the site-I agree that they are excellent machines in most circumstances-I have a SDK 7 and it has held up well. Was wondering that there is several mechanical people as owners and trying to get useful information to improve on these machines.

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