What car manufacturers try to cover up

One of the interesting aspects of the Internet is the ability for car enthusiasts to share information about their vehicles.   I am always amazed how many people have similar issues with their car, however when discussing with a dealer, the dealer acts as if no one else has an issue.

Recently the folks on LotusTalk.com have identified a potentially serious issue with the overhead oil feeds in the camshaft cover.  This is believed to be causing a failure of the camshaft, which ultimately results in a broken rocker arm.  Multiple people have now confirmed that their car also shows evidence of a problem.  So far, Lotus, and Toyota who manufacturer the 2ZZ-GE engine are silent….  You can read more here.
lotus elise cam oil spray pattern
What other cars have similar issues?  I would love to hear other folks experience, I have included a few well known issues that I currently know of.

Ford Spark Plug Issue

Toyota Oil Sludge Issue

BMW Engine Failure

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