NetFlix – How to find that hidden gem of a movie to watch

I recently signed up for Netflix online. I have been pretty happy with the service so far, for $7.99 they have a huge selection of TV shows and movies.  I use a Tivo Premiere to view shows on my TV that are streamed directly from NetFlix.  However they also have the ability to stream to game consoles, iPhone, and of course your computer.  Unfortunately, the challenge is to find shows that are worth watching. With thousands available, it can be hard to find that hidden gem. Because NetFlix does not have a lot of recent Block Buster releases, you mostly have the choice between older movies, or that hidden gem of a show or movie that was not super popular when released, yet is actually worth watching. I have a few favorites, and will post more in the future. Some quality TV Shows and Movies currently available are listed below in no particular order.

TV Shows


Vulcan T'Pol - Jolene Blalock

The Beautiful Jolene Blalock as Vulcan T’Pol

Star Trek Enterprise – Add to Your Instant Queue

Set prior to the events depicted in the original 1960s program, this series follows Capt. Archer (Scott Bakula) and the crew of the Enterprise as they explore space and discover the technology taken for granted in previous Star Trek installments.  This show was not very popular when it originally aired, mainly due to the story line flowing across multiple episodes.  As a TV show, this was difficult to follow, but when you can now watch them back to back at your leisure, it is an enjoyable show.  Jolene Blalock is also quite the hidden gem, beautiful and shows her ability to act as the role of the original Vulcan Second in Command.

Louie – Add to Your Instant Queue

Although Louie is currently in Season Two on the FX Channel, many people have missed Season One.  This is a classic comedy, Louis C.K. does his take of a comedy sitcom, but this is no Seinfeld.   Louie is raw and unapologetic.  He has the ability to make you groan, and then say to your self, well, he does have a point.   Well worth watching if you like edgy comedy that will make you laugh, and think.



Lana almost nude and naked

Archer – Add to Your Instant Queue

Archer is an adult themed,politically incorrect animated TV Show. The basic plot revolves around Archer, an over-the-top portrayal of the classic womanizing secret agent with a dose of bumbling Inspector Clouseau. It is raunchy, full of one-liners that you have to listen carefully for as they explode across the screen, and generally always good for 19 minutes of entertainment. You will find yourself having to rewind a lot, you may find yourself laughing so hard you miss the next joke.





Shutter Island – Add to Your Instant Queue
Wow, where was this movie when released to the theaters?  US Marshall Teddy Daniels investigates the disappearance of a patient from an insane asylum located on an isolated island. Throw in creepy inmates, a storm, and Teddy’s own personal demons, and you have the recipe for a thriller that will keep you glued to the screen. This movie will keep you thinking about what happened for the next week. Leonardo DiCaprio delights with his typical strong performance, it was if this movie was made with him in mind.

Letters from Iwo Jima – Add to Your Instant Queue
This is Clint Eastwood’s companion to Flags of Our Fathers (unfortunately not available on NetFlix).  This is the story of Iwo Jima from the Japanese perspective, often told through letters sent back home from the doomed soldiers sent to defend Iwo.  A strong performance by the main characters, not 100% historically accurate, but enjoyable none the less.  It will help if you are a history buff, however it is a good enough story to keep the average viewer engaged.

Red State – Add to Your Instant Queue
Another movie that was released into theaters and never heard from again.  However, this is a quality movie by Kevin Smith.  It is a little heavy on anti-religion and anti-government themes, yet is still a good movie with some chilling scenes.  I found myself keep saying, no, they would not do that, but yet they did.  Does not follow the standard script for a thriller/horror movie.  It is short at an hour and twenty minutes, so is a good movie to catch when you are short on time.

Myrna Loy – A Timeless Classic Beauty

I watched the Thin Man the other night and really enjoyed it.  The movie came out in 1934 and starred Myrna Loy and William Powell.  The quality of the movie was outstanding, the wit and humor that was displayed, and the simple and crisp production is a stark contrast to the cookie cutter movies made nowadays.

Myrna Loy is a gorgeous actress, her beauty just oozes off the screen.  She has a certain sexiness while still keeping all of her clothes on, quite unlike most of the Lindsey Lohan’s of today.  I can clearly see why she was the pin-up queen of her day.

Her role as Nora Charles in the The Thin Man clearly was the forerunner to characters such as Maddy Hayes in the TV series Moonlighting.  She is smart, sophisticated, and the banter between her and William Powell is classic.

While watching the movie, it was a bit eerie to think that everyone in it was now dead.  Very hard to believe that it was made over 70 years ago.  Brought to mind the song Pictures of Lily by the Who (go Google it).

If you need to see a movie this weekend, go out and rent The Thin Man, or buy a copy at Amazon, you will not be disappointed, I promise!


Who Killed the Electric Car



We watched Who Killed the Electric Car last night on the Tivo.  I am surprised that I have not watched before, but I guess I figured it would just be a rant.  Surprisingly, I felt they had a very balanced message, rightfully placing the blame on pretty much everyone.


  • Consumers – wanting huge SUV’s instead of smaller efficient vehicles
  • Car Companies – Too addicted to ICE (Internal Combustion Engine)
  • Gas Companies – wanting to preserve current profits $$$
  • Government – Not mandating change
  • CARB – Switching from a mandate for electric to hydrogen at the last minute

The funny part is that if Toyota, GM, and Ford all had continued production of their EV’s, they would be selling like hot cakes today.  Toyota had a very usable RAV EV, GM had the EV1, and Ford had the Th!nk, which they have since sold to a European firm.  All of these cars were in production, and could be sold today.  And, with the advances in battery technology (imagine a EV1 with LiON batteries!), they would be even better, and cheaper.

Let’s hope the car companies can get their EV’s back into production, and start getting practical PHEV’s into production.