Toyota SDK8

I have a 1984 Toyota SDK8 that I bought a number of years ago.  It is a great skid loader, but because they are no longer imported into the US, it is a real pain to find any info.  I am going to start posting all of the information I have about it on this page, hopefully some other folks will add any information that they may have.  Right now I am focused on getting the starter turning over reliably, it usually only turns over about once every four or five tries.

My bucket attachment is also all mangled up, I am curious if anyone has replaced their’s with a BobCat Quick Tach attachment plate?

Repair manual which covers the inspection, adjustment and repair procedures for the overhaul of the engine, chassis and materials handling system of the Toyota Skid Steer Loader 2SGK6, 2SDK6, 2SDK7, and 2SDK8.

Fuel Filter Napa 3386

Oil Filter Napa 1521
Hydraulic Napa 51551

Fan Belt Mitsubishi 99523-11 52

Motor for SDK8 is a Toyota 2J diesel. Diesel Forklift truck CPCD80-2,80-2J,TOYOTA 2J ENGIN D B 4CY, 2.5 LTR

Go here to find some mini-skid steers.


Toyota SDK8
Not a BobCat
Toyota Bobcat Called SDK8
Toyota Skid Steer Loader
Toyota Bobcat Called SDK8
Toyota Skid Steer Loader

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264 thoughts on “Toyota SDK8

  1. Lee driver

    Have a 1992 sdk8 need lift and dump cylinder packing, can’t seem to find part numbers or any kits to rebuild cylinders.

  2. Chuck C

    If your looking for a low psi inline fuel pump I’ve bought one from a place called Pegasus racing products it’s got good inlet suction and 10-13 psi pressure I’d check website for current price but it’s a multi fuel pump so if you use it on diesel motors

  3. Chuck from PA

    My sdk8 I’ve had to custom fabricate any other attachments that were deemed universal. Seems like Toyota back then had their specific pattern on the mount area. I’ve added steel to top flange then gussets down sides to make tighter then plates with holes in base for the pin locks if you fabricate it’s some work but can be done

  4. Eugene Myers

    I have a 1992 sdk8, bought brand new. I’ve put it beyond its capacity multiple times, it’s still running strong. Only problem that I have with it, it’s always hard starting. I have to use the heat plugs. Let me say, it’s never failed to start. By the way, I’ve laid it on it side twice, and drove straight into a large hole completely submerged in water, had to crawl out the back. I changed fluids 3 times then back to work, and that was 1998. I love this machine. Gene

  5. Zeke sdk7

    It’s so cool to find someone who understands how awesome the Toyota skid steer is. Ours is 3 generations old, grandpa bought it new in 91 I think and my dad worked on it till his passing 2014. I’m no real mechanic, but I’ve had it running up till the last flood. Water came up to the seat, while parked. Took a couple days to recede. The oil came out black when I changed it today. No clouds in the fuel tank when sucked some diesel out with clear hose. I’m going to replace the sedimenter , what should I do?

  6. David

    I’m looking for an SDKA Toyota skid steer I need one that’s complete running would be best but don’t bother me you have my website my email address please call me if you want to sell it

  7. Dano

    Any Toyota skidsteer owners out there want a lot of additional information should go to Facebook as there is a site there with several owners around the world that share lots of good information. If you need parts or other you can get firsthand information upon joing same. Have your Serial number from the nameplate under your legs rivited to the seat enclosure or if that is missing look under the left hand lift cylinder on the wheel enclosure-should be stamped there! Plenty of individuals there to give part numbers and maybe places to obtain parts. Just my two cents worth.

  8. REGAL

    Iam looking for sdk 8 toyota skid steer loader for sale cheap or another loader with foot controls for bucket mabe cat or something like,,,,,,NO BOBCATS… THANKS YOU ALL…

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