Toyota SDK8

I have a 1984 Toyota SDK8 that I bought a number of years ago.  It is a great skid loader, but because they are no longer imported into the US, it is a real pain to find any info.  I am going to start posting all of the information I have about it on this page, hopefully some other folks will add any information that they may have.  Right now I am focused on getting the starter turning over reliably, it usually only turns over about once every four or five tries.

My bucket attachment is also all mangled up, I am curious if anyone has replaced their’s with a BobCat Quick Tach attachment plate?

Repair manual which covers the inspection, adjustment and repair procedures for the overhaul of the engine, chassis and materials handling system of the Toyota Skid Steer Loader 2SGK6, 2SDK6, 2SDK7, and 2SDK8.

Fuel Filter Napa 3386

Oil Filter Napa 1521
Hydraulic Napa 51551

Fan Belt Mitsubishi 99523-11 52

Motor for SDK8 is a Toyota 2J diesel. Diesel Forklift truck CPCD80-2,80-2J,TOYOTA 2J ENGIN D B 4CY, 2.5 LTR

Go here to find some mini-skid steers.


Toyota SDK8
Not a BobCat
Toyota Bobcat Called SDK8
Toyota Skid Steer Loader
Toyota Bobcat Called SDK8
Toyota Skid Steer Loader

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176 thoughts on “Toyota SDK8

  1. Jack

    My next door neighbor has 80’s SDK8 thats been sitting for years. Asked him about it and he said the hydraulic pump is bad and cant find parts, He showed me a box of parts, that from looking at the repair manual on line, is the HST pump. What does this pump do? It seems pretty small to run anything on this machine. According to the manual its a simple pump, easy to rebuild. Anybody know of any parts for this pump? Thanks Jack

  2. jeff

    Anderson equipment sells parts for SDK 8. That pump runs high pressure hydraulic drive motors

  3. Jack

    Thanks for the quick reply Jeff. I will get in touch with Anderson as soon as I can. I did ask about the wrong pump though. I actually need the “oil pump” Quoting the service manual “One single type gear pump is used as the oil pump. It is commonly used for HST charging and materials handling, and is connected to the PTO shaft of the engine”. Its pictured in section 10 page 3. This is a small pump, maybe 6 inches long 3-4 inches around. Does this work the lift cylinders?

  4. Grant

    Dont have the manual handy but from what you are describing – Yes it does as well as charging the main drive pump for the wheels, as far as parts, any Toyota material handling dealer, (dont go to Toyota car dealer), Toyota fork lift dealers are most common and can provide parts, I usually use Toyota lift, my local one is in Lakeside California, some info on, www (dot) 2sdk8 (dot) com, there are also many aftermarket parts becoming avail for the 2J motor, (eBay etc) not seen much in the way of the charging pump though, but then not been looking, just note Toyota parts can be bit pricey, but you get what you pay for..

  5. mike

    clean all the connections, make sure of batt ground, clean connections in fuse panel, owned one for 25 yrs, best skid loader ever made.

  6. mike

    hydro pump is not made by toyota, grt one any heavy duty shop or machinery parts place.

  7. Scott

    Anyone that has the adaptor plate to convert to universal mount please contact me at 502-542-8644.

  8. Grant

    If you are not blowing through hydraulic oil, then probably not a blown oil seal on the motor output shaft (you will soon know cause your final drive will fill up with oil and overflow all over the ground). Probably the main hydrostatic pump, its actually a dual pump (2 pumps in one case), so one pump section drives the left, the other drives the right, you can check the relief valves – but if its a 2sdk8, given the age the pump may be worn and needs a rebuild (or partial rebuild). The pumps itself are 18 series, which are common, what is not common is the combination of 2 pumps back to back in a single housing, 2-3 years ago I priced parts at Toyota, pump parts were still avail then, but feel over backwards on price – gasket / seal kit alone was $400+USD, have seen Chinese aftermarket 18 series parts on ebay… but no clue on quality. Due to mergers and acquisitions, the company that made the pump (Sundstrand – Daikin) no longer has any knowledge of them. There are pump rebuild companies around that will claim to rebuild – probably with aftermarket parts. If you are unfamiliar with how a axial variable piston pump works, google it, there are some great animations on line understanding how they work is first step to diagnosing your problem. Also for a bunch of technical info on hydraulics in general check out www [dot] hydraulicsupermarket [dot] com/technical.html

  9. aaron

    I just bought my first skid it happens to be a Toyota I have been operating heavy equipment my entire life best skid ever on tires even my brother was impressed he bought the first 247 in MN its


  10. lyle

    looking for a 2j for my sdk8 can any one help or let me know substation for 2j that will fit thanks lyle

  11. allen holoch

    I have a sdk7… does anyone know the external hydraulic gpm and pressure?? I would like to buy a bush hog attachment but no-one seems to have this info… thanks in advance

  12. allen holoch

    I thought I would post this since it not only answered my questions, but it gave contact info for possible parts.

    “To answer your question, the Front Aux flow is 16.1 gpm at 2000 PSI for the 2SDK7. Bradco made the original attachments, I would suggest looking at their products. If you need items for your unit, Toyota Material Handling NE can still order parts for the unit, their number is 410 379-9560.”

  13. Carlos

    Hi i need de fuel injection pump for my skid steer sdk8 know some body please let me know thanks

  14. Anthony ,

    I have a 2sdk8. It does not run at this time. It ran great, but I think I have a bad motor. I need a 2J motor or rebuild my motor. Does anyone know were I can get a motor that runs or were to get the info on how to rebuild this motor. The skid Steer is in great shape.

    Any help would be great.

  15. Gary

    Hi guys just wondering if anyone knows what type of hydraulic fittings are used on the 2sdk8 on the control valve? Are they JIC or a metric JIS fitting? Thanks

  16. Philip marshall

    Sdk7. Relay clicks. Doesn’t start. We are baffled. Is there some safety relay hidden somewhere. It usually starts right up

  17. Anthony ,

    Hi Philip,

    Thank you for your help. The motor does not turn when I put a wrench on it. It turn a 1/4 turn and that is it. I started loosing power before this happen and a loud banging noise.

  18. Extreme Ski & Bike

    Reply for Phillip Marshall–try cleaning all the terminals from the battery posts-to the starter motor and the alternator with wire brush and coat with a good quality terminal lube & re-torque them all tight. Check & clean all the terminals in the fuse box & starter relay box next to it and give it a try. I had the same issue until I cleaned everything up. Let us know how it works out!

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