Z’s Around The House

This is a picture of my 1970 240Z race car with my flower garden reflecting off of it.
This is a picture of my 1972 240Z on a beautiful May day.
Another view of the Z with my neighbors houses in the background.
A shot of the interior of the 1972. I have a pair of Recaros installed, redone in black with red inserts. All new interior door panels, as well as all new plastic interior panels.
A shot of the race car looking awfully clean.
Another interior shot of the 1972. You can see the rear shock tower strut.
What can I say? Marigolds are waiting to be planted.
Just what every family should have, two Z’s in the driveway.
One for street fun, one for track fun.
Interior shot of the race car. Notice full roll cage,
and other race car safety equipment.
Full frontal shot. Warning, if you see this in your
rear view mirror, get out of the way.
Last shot of the day.
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