Billy Idol Gives Back – Rocks Baltimore with a Rebel Yell

Last Friday night, a group of us went to see Billy Idol at the Pier 6 Pavilion in Baltimore. I last saw Billy three years ago, and was blown away with his performance. The concert this year did not let us down, it was a non-stop explosion of rock. Idol is touring in support of his new “greatest hits” album, Idolize Yourself , which features all of his classics, a few lesser-known singles, and two new songs. Unlike the aging rockers who look like they have one foot in the grave (hello Keith Richards), Billy looks as cut and buff as ever. He struts across the stage with his familiar sneer and fist pumping.

Only true 80’s pop fans or current Billy fans will know of his side-kick guitarist Steve Stevens. Steve Stevens is one hell of a guitar player who plays up his 80’s glam image. A true performer, he not only rocks like a true legend, he also plays the part perfectly. If you ever get a chance to see Idol and Stevens perform in person, don’t miss it, you will enjoy it, I promise!

Billy’s last album, Devil’s Playground, was a moderately successful album, having hit #46 on the US charts. Although lacking a #1 hit like White Wedding, Rebel Yell, or Cradle of Love, it is a solid collection of songs.

10 thoughts on “Billy Idol Gives Back – Rocks Baltimore with a Rebel Yell

  1. gsmith Post author

    Thanks for the comments. Billy is playing again this weekend down at Virginia Beach, VA. If it was not for the Labor Day traffic, I would be tempted to make the journey!

  2. Jon

    I saw Billy playing some years ago when he was in Gen X. Even in those early days it was obvious that he was going to be BIG. I’m glad to hear he has lost none of his vigour.

  3. gsmith Post author

    If you mean the girl in the Mony Mony video, than no. His keyboard player is a guy, and my wife got his autograph while we hung out by the tour buses after the show. She says he is mildly sexy… 🙂

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