Community Activist Uncovers Past Personal Demons

I have recently started reading a fascinating book written by Angelo Solera, a local Baltimore community activist.  The Journey “El Camino”, tells a gripping account of his life, from his earliest days to the present.   His tale of his life begins with Angelo as an immigrant teenager and ends with a man who has completed his journey from addiction to the life of a community activist.   It is clearly written from his heart, an honest tale that keeps you turning pages to see what happens next.  His relationship with his son is touching and moving, often expressing feelings that will stir empathy with parents everywhere.  He is pained by his struggle to overcome his own deepest troubles so that he can be the Father to his son that he knows he deserves.  Even today, that pain is able to stir strong emotions.

Angelo was inspired to write this book after walking the 400-mile pilgrimage to Santiago of Compostela, Spain, in 2005.  A tradition that dates back to the Roman Empire, the trek winds through the wilderness, mountains, small villages, towns and mayor metropolitan centers of Spain.  Along this trip, Angelo begins to discover himself, uncovering many of his personal demons and fears – love, hate, passion, obsession and dependence to name just a few.

“It’s a tough journey for all of us,” says Solera. “We’re all human, and we all want to be somebody and feel like we belong.” He comes from Spain, but now he belongs to America. He’s written the whole story in the English language he has embraced.  I have recently come to know Angelo, and I am deeply impressed with his ability to open his life up to all.  His book can help all of us look deeper into our own lives.

After nearly three years, his book is complete, and using his own money, he has self-published his memoir.   You can find out more about Angelo’s Journey on his website, and can buy his book for only $15 here.  I urge you to read the free preview on his website and if you like it, purchase a copy for yourself or as a gift.  You will be helping Angelo complete his journey, and supporting an author/publisher with a dream.

6 thoughts on “Community Activist Uncovers Past Personal Demons

  1. James

    I have met Angelo, and he is a stand-up guy. I wish him all the success, he certainly deserves it.

  2. Angelo Solera

    First let me say thank you very much for your comments and support.

    Since it’s release 6/4/08 I have sold about two hundred books at this time. I have had interesting conversation with some of does readers who have already finish the book about their experience and what did they get out of reading it.

    I have to say that you are the first person who got it.

    I realize this is a difficult book for some people to understand or even comprehend because I expose my self, my secrets and demons, something must of us do not want to or can’t deal with in our culture and society.
    My hope with the many messages and stories in this book is to make a difference in peoples lives who have the opportunity to read it.

    Gracias very much

    Angelo Solera

  3. gsmith Post author

    Welcome Angelo, I appreciate you stopping by. I hope my review did your book justice, and I wish you continued success. Good Luck!

  4. Angelo Solera

    G Smith.

    I would like to inform you that I will be on the radio>

    WYPR – 88.1 FM
    Friday, 29th
    12:00noon & 7:00 PM.

    The name of the program is
    ” The signal” with Aaron Henkin
    A one hour show where I will be talking about my book.

    check it out if you can.


  5. gsmith Post author

    Thanks for the information Angelo. Not sure I will be able to catch it, but please post a link if they distribute the audio online. Good Luck!

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