The Programmer’s Corner

Many, many years ago I ran a BBS called The Programmer’s Corner.  It provided a place for software developers to hang out and share information, all pre-Internet.  It was a great experience, and I met some great folks while building the platform.   Recently I found my archive, and I have resurrected parts of the site on the domain that I first setup to provide access to the Internet from the BBS.  You can find parts of the original site at The Programmer’s Corner.  I have added over 25K files that were once available, many of them containing source code that is still useful today!  Many of these files have not been available anywhere else.

It has been interesting going back into time and seeing what was state of the art twenty years ago.  I am still restoring files, and hoping that I will soon have more info available.  Check back often!  A full listing of all the files available can be found here.

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