Lotus Elise Front and Rear OEM brake rotors


babe in blue with blue Lotus elise

If you are looking for a OEM replacement rotor for the front and rear of your Elise, Centric part# 128.23000 is a perfect fit.  You can save a lot of dollars by buying on Amazon for ~$70 each.

Features: Cross Drilled OEM Brake Rotor

  • Superior resistance to cracking due to thermal stress
  • Increased molybdenum content that extends reliability, service life and helps reduce NVH “noise” issues
  • The addition of high performance street pads provide you with higher resistance to fade, higher maximum operating temperature, and better initial bite to allow consistent deep braking into corners.
  • Cross drilled brake rotors prevent glazing of the pads, add bite and improve wet and dry braking performance.


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