Removing Alarm from Lotus Elise

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I unplugged the connector – blinking light extinguishes, fuel pump clicks on key turn, but start button does nothing. I read in other threads about the connector having 12 pins, clearly mine has many more (see pic). I also tried shorting the last two pins on each end (upper to lower) and that promptly blew a 10A fuse…so I’m done with that idea. Does your schematic look anything like my connector?

I unplugged the Cobra and Scottyb was right, no more need for the key fobs(hate them, sold them). I’m still trying to figure out how to bypass the immobiliser(behind the driver in the interior side pod) just so I can toss it in the trash, it’s heavy and useless at this point.

recently pulled the entire system from my project car and the immobilizer, which lives behind the drivers seat on the fire wall (under the trim panel that holds the speakers and package net), kills the starter and fuel pump. To disable it, short the top two and bottom two pins, i.e. pin 1 to 6 (fuel pump interrupt) and pin 5 to 12 (starter interrupt). This will not affect the alarm, I do not think, and it is a big PITA to get to, as it is mounted to the frame under the dash on the pass side. I would consider adding a switch to turn power off to it, and it looks to get power from Fuse F11, via a 1.5 mm purple wire that splices into the harness. Pulling F11 should work, but will disable the interior lamp between the seats.

to completely bypass (and therefore be able to remove the immobilizer box) do the following:

1. unplug the immobilizer module
2. jump pins 1 and 6
3. jump pins 5 and 12

alternately for those who just want to disable the immobilizer but leave it in:

1. disconnect wire form pin 4 at immobilizer
2. ground pin 4


1. disconnect wire from pin 18 at alarm
2. ground the disconnected wire

1. use a pry tool to pop off the blank panel on the passenger side of the dash.
2. use a hook tool to grab the alarm harness.
3. seperate the wires at pin 18 and cut.
4. patch to ground.

One thought on “Removing Alarm from Lotus Elise

  1. Tom Boerger

    Hello – after you unplug the immobilizer and jumper the pins as described above – I have 2 questions.
    1. Do you plug the harness back into the immobilizer or just leave unplugged ?
    2. Do you still use (or need) the Key Fob for anything ? I would like to get away from using the silly little FOB.

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