Lotus Evora – Cool Name, Cool Car


Lotus officially announced the new Evora, previously known by the code name Eagle. This is the first all new Lotus since the Elise made its debut in 1995. Currently, this is the world’s only 2+2 mid-engine sports car. Although, Lotus is careful to warn that the back seats are only suitable for children or those with very small legs.

This Lotus still retains its sporting heritage, however much attention has been made to make it a more practical and comfortable car. Those familiar with the Elise/Exige are familiar with the contortions required to enter and exit the vehicle. The new Evora has wider and taller door openings, and the sills are narrower, making it easier to slide over.

Similar to other Lotus, it is mid-engine, and lightweight, although at 2976 pounds, it tips the scales at almost 1000 pounds more than the svelte Elise/Exige. To help propel that increased weight, a Toyota 3.5-liter V-6 is stuffed behind the passenger cabin. This engine churns out 276 horsepower and 252-lb-ft of torque. That is enough to push the car from 0-60MPH in five seconds with a top speed of around 160MPH.

While clearly not as sporting as the Elise/Exige, which are essentially street-legal race cars, the Evora will help lure those who are used to comfortable sports cars such as the Porsche Cayman. The classy styling, lower price (~60K), and exclusivity may help steer younger would-be Porsche customer into a Lotus.

5 thoughts on “Lotus Evora – Cool Name, Cool Car

  1. Henry

    Beautiful car, but not sure how well it will do here in the states. Folks like their Porsches, and my guess is that it will cost more than 60K.

  2. gsmith Post author

    I agree Nairobian, I look forward to seeing one in person. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. gsmith Post author

    Thanks for your comment Atniz, I agree, I am not sure that the back seat and luxury interior is going to offset the added weight. And, with the 3.5L engine, fuel economy will suffer. I currently get over 30MPG in my Elise, my guess is the the Evora will be closer to 20MPG. But, as Lotus fans say, who buys a Lotus for gas mileage 🙂

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