Lotus Elise HID Upgrade

I celebrated the Fourth of July by installing a set of HID lamps in my Lotus Elise.  I purchased these a few months back from DaBears2K when he was offering them as a group buy on LotusTalk.  The kit is from DDM, and is basically plug and play.

In the Lotus, you have to jack the front end up, remove the wheel and wheel liners, remove headlight covers and headlight assembly.  After mounting the ballast, you just plug in the wires and reinstall everything.   The first side took about an hour and a half, but the second side only took about 30 minutes after I had all the proper tools laid out.

I was amazed at the difference, before HID, the Lotus was actually scary to drive at night, the stock headlights were pathetic.  Although Lucas, The Prince of Darkness, does not ride in the Lotus anymore, some things never change.

Thanks DaBears!

HID Group Buy – Dabears2k Performance

Example of HID with Lotus Elise

3 thoughts on “Lotus Elise HID Upgrade

  1. TonyW

    Have you had any problems with other people flashing because the bulbs are too bright?

  2. BillyForMe

    Those are some nice lights, I have a Lotus as well, and my driving lights suck. I may just need to pickup a set of those.

  3. gsmith

    Tony, no problems with flashing so far. But, to be honest I have not driven it in the dark too much since I installed the HID’s.

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