Don’t bang your brakes! Remove rusted Brake rotors

How many times have you tried to get off either front or rear brake rotors and they were frozen (rusted) onto the hub?  Standard shade-tree (and professional many times) method for popping them is to hit the rotors with a big sledge hammer.  This is a great way to kill your wheel bearings.

Next time, try this method.  A picture is worth a thousand words….

easy way to remove brake rotor


Remove the brake caliper, and then pass a bolt through the caliper ears.  Thread on a nut between the rotor and caliper ear.  Slowly tighten and release the but as you rotate the rotor.  It will quite simply, just fall off.

2 thoughts on “Don’t bang your brakes! Remove rusted Brake rotors

  1. Ted Mittelstaedt

    If you take a sledge and TAP not bang, all around the edge of the rotor perpendicular (NOT parallel) to the axle, most of the time they come off. You are essentially crushing the rust bond in between the hub and the rotor and since the bearings are designed to stand up to force in this direction (since in normal operation they get impacts from the road) it won’t harm them.

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