Pictures from The Tampa Bay Tea Party Protest

dash-088 The Tampa Tea Party was a huge success. Although most media outlets downplayed the number of folks that attended, you can clearly see that this was not a small protest.  My guess would be well over 2,000. This guy was one of my favorites, he walked through the crowd, creating quite a buzz.


The protest was held in Lykes Gaslight Park in downtown Tampa Bay.  Protestors walked back and forth across the street while cars waited at red lights.  People driving by  leaned out hollaring support and honking their horns in approval.

Look at this crowd!  Why was MSNBC minimizing the crowd sizes?  You can see hundreds in this one view, there was this number of people on all sides of me.  I would guess that there were close to a thousand people


Folks of all backgrounds in the crowd, not just your crazy right leaning whackos.


The population of Tampa is 10% African-American.  I do not believe that they we represented at the same rate as other races, however there were quite a few.  This did not appear to be a race or class protest.


Most protestors were outraged by two issues.
1) The excessive spending by Congress
2)  Unfair tax policies


While some protestors were direct in blaming Obama, I believe that they were in the minority.  Most seemed to blame government as a whole.


These folks were singling out Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank.  “Congress is a Toxic Asset”


Don’t Tread on Me


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