Hillary Clinton’s “Debt”

hillary clinton when back when she was pretty

This is ridiculous, the Clinton’s have made over 100 million dollars since Bill left the oval office. Now, she is shilling for money from the average American. I am amazed that our political leaders have the gall to do such a thing. She loaned money to her losing campaign, it failed, so now she is out the money. How can anyone think that it is even reasonable to ask hard-working people to help payoff a loan for someone who is worth over 100 million?

Faced with a campaign debt of over $20 million, Hillary Clinton discussed the issue with her former rival Barack Obama ahead of their first campaign appearance together to project Democratic party unity. The two spoke by phone Sunday night, the first time the likely Democratic nominee and his former rival have exchanged words since their private meeting in Washington weeks ago before Clinton conceded defeat and endorsed Obama. They discussed retiring Clinton’s campaign debt, a conversation Democratic sources cited by ABC called “constructive”.

5 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton’s “Debt”

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  3. William

    If Hillary wants to pay off her debts, then she can ask William Jefferson for that money in the back of his freezer.

  4. Chelsy

    Hill- Pay your own Bill, or ask Bill to pay your bill. Your Cash flow problem is not ours to fix.

  5. PaulR

    If Hillary Clinton was accruing $1 million a day in debt while campaigning, then she isn’t an adult with a sense of finances. In other words, she isn’t an adult.

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