Mystery Missile Solved! Obviously AWE808 from Hawaii

Once again the news agencies prove incapable of actually doing some basic research to identify the “Mystery Missile”.  Ten minutes of Google searching will give you access to many sites that have very similar pictures as those seen with the Mystery Missile.   Once you actually see these contrails from multiple locations, it is clear that the “Mystery Missile” was simply a plane contrail that you can see everyday if you look closely enough.  No conspiracy, no military hoax, not connected to cruise ships breaking down in the ocean.  Just a simple plane traveling from Hawaii to Phoenix, which it does everyday.

The picture above shows the exact same “Missile Launch” 24 hours later.

For more information, check out this great web site.

Think about it, you have two choices :

Option 1 – An airliner with a contrail, made to look thicker than usual because it is flying towards the camera, and appearing to “come out of the sea” because it came from over the horizon. Data for this includes several known simiar examples, a known flight in the area doing the right path at the right time, and lack of anything unusual on FAA ATC tapes.


Option 2 – An unknown SLBM launch undetected by anyone, evidence for which is “I seen some rocket launches and they look like this – honest”.

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