Bugzooka – The answer to your stink bug woes

Stink BugLike most folks in the Mid-Atlantic states, our house has been infested with Stink Bugs. They first invade the home in early Fall, looking to find a warm place to hibernate through the Winter. Whenever a warm day appears, some will awaken, and crawl through your house looking to get back outdoors. These pests first arrived from Asia several years ago, and have quickly become a major nuisance. Our home is surrounded by Soybean fields, which is where the Stink Bugs love to spend their Summers.

Because there are so many of them. catching them is a very tedious process. To make matters worse, if they are scared, or you crush them when removing, you will get stunk! You can try to use a vacuum cleaner, however this quickly causes an unpleasant odor throughout your house. We resorted to catching in tissue and releasing outside still alive. This reduced the smell, but was time consuming and still resulted in stinky fingers.

I finally found the solution, the Bugzooka! I had tried several battery powered bug catchers, however they did not have a strong enough suction to reliably catch the tenacious stink bug. The Bugzooka is manually powered by large set of bellows at the end of the unit. You simply press them in until cocked. With a push of a button, the bellows expands and creates a strong vacuum that will catch almost an bug almost 100% of the time. The great thing about the Bugzooka is that it requires NO batteries, with a simply cocking of the device, you are ready to catch more bugs. The telescoping tube will allow you to reach stink bugs on the ceiling, top of walls, etc. No more mess, and also works on all other types of crawling insects as well.

In the first three minutes of using the Bugzooka, I caught over a dozen stink bugs. After turning it over to my kids, the rest of the house was de-stink-bugged within another 20 minutes. There was little odor, probably because th bugs are not actually killed. Simply unscrew the top, and dump the stink bugs outdoors.
Bugzooka Stink Bug Catcher

If you are faced with a Stink Bug infestation, don’t wait, buy a Bugzooka today. You can click on the handy link below, and Amazon will have it to your door in just a few days.

BugZooka Bug Catcher: Get Stink bugs fast without all the mess!

6 thoughts on “Bugzooka – The answer to your stink bug woes

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  2. Beth

    I love this…it really works. My husband was skeptical until his first “catch”. Also works for small spiders, beetles, etc. You never have to touch a bug again.

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