Wireless Power to Electronic Devices

A friend and I have argued for quite some time about if we will ever have true wireless power, similar to how we have wireless Internet connectivity, Bluetooth, Infrared, etc.  I always tell him, if you start sending energy willy-nilly through the air, you will hit someone and kill them.

A company called Powermat has developed some pretty cool technology that creates an “almost” wireless power source.  It is called the powermat and utilizes the principles of magnetic induction to transmit electrical power via an ultra thin mat embedded in, or overlaid on, any surface or wall, to electronic devices placed randomly upon it.  While not truly wireless, it does seem like it could help de-clutter our cabled power world.

For now, I still think I have won the bet, as technically a device still needs to contact the powermat, but who knows, maybe true wireless power delivery will exist someday…

Take a look at it here.  They also have a witty blog here.

Lotus Elise HID Upgrade

I celebrated the Fourth of July by installing a set of HID lamps in my Lotus Elise.  I purchased these a few months back from DaBears2K when he was offering them as a group buy on LotusTalk.  The kit is from DDM, and is basically plug and play.

In the Lotus, you have to jack the front end up, remove the wheel and wheel liners, remove headlight covers and headlight assembly.  After mounting the ballast, you just plug in the wires and reinstall everything.   The first side took about an hour and a half, but the second side only took about 30 minutes after I had all the proper tools laid out.

I was amazed at the difference, before HID, the Lotus was actually scary to drive at night, the stock headlights were pathetic.  Although Lucas, The Prince of Darkness, does not ride in the Lotus anymore, some things never change.

Thanks DaBears!

HID Group Buy – Dabears2k Performance

Example of HID with Lotus Elise

Bluetooth Love

Miniblue Bluetooth Headset H9

Spending an hour commute in the car each day is always a challenge when it comes to taking and making cell phone calls.  Normally I never talk and drive, but sometimes it is necessary on a long commute.  Up until now, it has been almost impossible due to the exhaust and road noise in the Elise.

I recently picked up a Miniblue Bluetooth Headset H9.  It is a little pricey, but works perfect in the Elise.  It is the first headset I have used that I can actually hear, AND the folks on the other end don’t get blasted by road noise.

Unlike traditional headsets, the H9’s unique in-ear design blocks out background noise…  Give it a try if you have to drive your Lotus AND have a phone conversation.