Verizon FIOS box keeps beeping and red battery light is on – Cheap Replacement


So you suddenly notice that your FIOS box, usually mounted in your basement or garage, is beeping. On closer inspection, the red replace battery light is on. If you call Verizon, you will also learn that they will not replace the battery, it is your responsibility. They will sell you a new one, but it is not cheap.

Save yourself time, frustration, and money!  There are DIY solutions that will help you solve this issue.  Don’t waste your time trying to contact Verizon, or paying someone to turn off the beep.  This will only leave you frustrated, and out a lot of money.  

Now that you know this, you have two options that will save you a lot of money.

The first is to simply reset the unit. It seems that the FIOS box will often erroneously report that you have a bad battery, when you actually do not. To do this, unplug the FIOS box. Then open the battery compartment. Inside will be the sealed battery with two wires coming from it. Remove either the black or red connector, it may be easier to do if you slightly remove the battery by pressing down on the two plastic clips holding it place. Then wait for a minute or two after unplugging the battery. Then reconnect, close up the panel, and plug the box back into AC. At this point, you most likely will notice that the red light goes out, and no more beeping.

If this does not work, it means your battery is bad. Replacing your battery is a very easy process, and a new battery is amazingly cheap.  Don’t pay an outrageous amount of money for an “official” battery.  A OEM quality battery can be had for less than $20. You can buy a replacement locally, or order from Amazon here.  To install, remove power, open box, and remove both connectors.  Remove the battery and replace with the new one.  Make sure you hook up the red lead to the positive battery terminal, and the black lead to the negative.  Close everything up, and turn back on.  Congratulate yourself on saving some bucks and eliminating the annoying beep.

 Verizon FIOS Battery Backup

fios battery backup

7 thoughts on “Verizon FIOS box keeps beeping and red battery light is on – Cheap Replacement

  1. Michael Biales

    This from 2015 USA Today article: If you disconnect the battery, the Fios “battery backup unit” should stop nagging you about replacing it.
    That’s “should” but not “will,” because the answer depends on the age of the Fios hardware in question, Verizon spokesman Harry Mitchell explained. If yours was installed after March 2013, it’s already programmed to silence the battery-replacement alarm if you pull the battery.
    With an older unit, Mitchell’s advice was to experiment: “Try pulling the battery; it won’t harm anything and, if the alarm goes quiet, it’s problem solved.”
    If you get a different result and your Fios installation is as old or as older as mine, you should try asking Verizon for a replacement battery-backup unit. Mitchell said Verizon will replace “early-generation” backup

  2. Diane

    Thank you! We had a power outage last Wednesday and the occasional beep was driving me nuts as I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from and it wasn’t frequent enough to track. Then it occurred to me to check the box in a room we don’t go in and the light was red!

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