The Remains of a Wrecked Datsun 260Z

This page shows the dismantling of a 260Z. There are a lot of pictures on this page, so it will take a couple minutes to load them all.


What remains of the 260Z on jackstands.
Looking in through what used to be the windshield
The interior with some of the left over parts.
It is amazing how little the empty shell weighs whenstripped. I could easily lift the front and rear of thecar.
The L28 engine that we pulled sits in the background.
The roof was the first to go. With Sawzall in hand,Steve chops the top.
I think Steve is starting to like this.
Well, we now have a 260Z roadster. That was quick.
Ever wonder what is protecting your head. Asurprising amount of steel.
Front fenders gone.
Stef was lucky, as his frame rails were slowlyrustling away. Both sides had significant loss of metal.
Again, a fair amount of steel holding the roof up.
Notice how the front frame rails are bent to theright. This was the result of running into the corner ofa median strip. The rusted frame rails did not help much

in this case.

It is kinda hard to see, but this is the damage onthe drivers side frame rail.
The Dodge pickup waiting to be loaded with Z. I fitthe whole car into the pickup, and took it to the localdump where the steel was recycled.
Steve is starting in on the left front. I havealready removed the right side.
Cutaway of the frame rail.
Whoops, there goes the rear end. This is fun!
Not much left now, just the cab.
Of all the pieces that we cut off, this was theheaviest.
Hey, now we can easily fix those rusted floor panels!
Steve sure looks proud, huh? The complete chop jobtook less then two hours. While we hate to see a Z bedestroyed, we sure had a good time doing it. Miller time.

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