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Well, it appears that John McCain has been following my blog. Today he has kicked off his plan for US Energy Independence, named The Lexington Plan. McCain’s plan states that the U.S. will be independent of foreign energy sources by the year 2025.

For the town where Americans asserted their independence once before,” McCain explained of the plan’s namesake in Virginia. “Let it begin today with this commitment: In a world of hostile and unstable suppliers of oil, this nation will achieve strategic independence by 2025.”

“Much will be asked of industry as well, as automakers and others adapt to this great turn toward new sources of power, a great deal will depend on each one of us, as we learn to make smarter use of energy, and also to draw on the best ideas of both parties, and work together for the common good.”

“That is the scale of our achievement when we set our minds to a task, that is what this country can do when we see a danger, and declare a purpose, and find the will to act.”

As the readers of my blog will notice, that is exactly what we have been saying here for the past several months. If the country focuses, and asks for sacrifice, we can become energy independent in the not too distant future. What a difference that will make across out country, as well as around the world. We can stop the huge transfer of wealth from the US to the Middle East while strengthening our economy.

6 thoughts on “Lexington Project

  1. Jacob62

    Somebody better tell these folks! The Lexington Project is a free, bi-weekly email zine based in Lexington, KY that publishes every other Wednesday.

  2. AlterEnergy

    I like the Clean Car Challenge. A single and substantial tax credit for the consumer based on the reduction of carbon emissions. A $5,000 tax credit for each and every customer who buys a zero carbon emission car!

  3. Mike

    Why Lexington? Is that where the oil spills go or where the nuclear waste is dumped? I like Obama’s ideas for electricity from clean coal, wind and solar. And cars that run on electricity and Bio Fuels.

  4. Justin

    Although I disagree with McCain on just about everything, I think nuclear is a much better option in the short term than ethanol – which Obama has been trumpeting – as we transition from oil into (hopefully) renewables. However, the rest of McCain’s plan seems pretty silly, and I like a lot of what Obama has to say about cap-and-trade and closing the Enron loophole. I guess we’ll see.

  5. Geoff

    I woke up in Bizaro land apparently?! McCain brandishing Change and Obama showing only more of the same? Oh my, the empty slogans have left me confounded when face with reality!

  6. Koko67

    Definitely time for the Republicans to realize that we need a new energy policy that is not centered on Dick Cheney at Halliburton.

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