Rainbow of Tesla Roadsters – Pot of Gold at end?

It looks as if Tesla is starting to really ramp up production.  Here is a rainbow of Tesla Roadsters lined up outside their facility.  Tesla has stated from the beginning that their intention was to make their first model a flagship car with high performance and a similarly high price, while still being a better deal than similarly performing sports cars. The Roadster is meant to set the tone for the brand, and with a reasonable profit margin, generate the capital to fund future development of more modest automobiles.

It’s a reasonable strategy. Most of the technology we use in our everyday lives started as something few could afford. The wealthy pay the premiums that generate the revenue to pay for manufacturing capabilities that bring prices down, and eventually the technology trickles down to more affordable designs.

Hopefully other manufacturers will jump in and start producing economy PHEVs that build on the high tech systems used in the Tesla.

3 thoughts on “Rainbow of Tesla Roadsters – Pot of Gold at end?

  1. Norm Ballinger

    The Tesla compares well with the top swanky sports cars from Porche, BMW, etc., in price and performance. It seems like a very good strategy to develop a status car to pave the way for more affordable models. The holy grail of EV’s, of course, is the battery storage. How often do you have to replace the power plant? What are the lifetime operating costs compared to gas or diesel engines?

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