Meerkats are the Cutest! Pandas are boring…


This Meerkat was a very curious creature when we visited him at the San Diego Zoo.   They have been made famous through the wildly popular show on The Discovery Channel, Meerkat Manor.   Meerkats live in colonies, and one or more meerkats always stand sentry.  As they watch over, the others go about foraging or playing.  If a predator is spotted, the sentry meerkat  gives a warning bark, and other members of the colony will run and hide in one of the many holes they have spread across their territory.  The San Diego Zoo has a huge exhibit, if you stop by, I am sure like me you will be mesmerized by these interesting animals.


Some people find Panda’s interesting, but I honestly find them pretty boring.  Like this one, most just lay around and sleep.  Quite the life!

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