GE Induction Cooktop – Control Lock Stuck ON

GE Induction Cooktop

My cat is a naughty, naughty kitty. She likes to jump up on my counter and walk all over my General Electric induction cooktop. Normally this is not a problem, and just results in various beeps, buzzes, and flashing lights. However, the other day she was up on the cooktop, and somehow she activated the Control Lock feature. When this happens, the Control Lock red light comes on, and none (except the timer) of the other controls work.

The standard response from GE is to Press the Control Lock button for five seconds. This did not work in my case, and apparently also does not work for hundreds of other people. Seems GE is telling them they need a service visit, and they then charge the customer a minimum of $75 to “adjust” the control-lock sensor.

Let me tell you a secret that the General Electric hotline does not tell the customer. The Control Lock sensor does in fact work, it just is not lined up properly. To fix, take your palm and lay it flat across the control lock button, you will hear a beep, and then in 5 seconds, you will hear two beeps and the Control Lock will be off. This may take a bit of fussing with your palm to find the right place, but it does work.

Thank goodness I figured out, I had a pound of bacon with my name on it just waiting to get sizzled up.

18 thoughts on “GE Induction Cooktop – Control Lock Stuck ON

  1. John t

    Wow that does work. I was going to pay out 500 dollars for a new control circuit. My stove has been out for 6 months now, thanks so much

  2. gsmith Post author

    Hey John, glad you got it fixed! My cat locked mine, I thought my stovetop was a goner as well. 🙂

  3. Susie Volmenator

    Tried it this morning at 5am—did not work. Will have husband try – his hands are bigger. Had the thing for less than 2 weeks and pretty ticked that it is giving us trouble already.

  4. Terri

    OMG! My fingers were not able to unlock my cooktop but my palm did! Thank you for the advice! It doesn’t seem to make sense but it worked immediately!

  5. Donald Best

    Thank you! I bought a house with this annoying cook top, and I hate it, but I’m not paying to replace it (yet). You’ve saved me from taking a sledge hammer it.

  6. Janis

    Thanks, this worked.

    I originally tried turning off the circuit breaker thinking that would reset it, but it didn’t.

    So a simple internet search and found your suggestion.

    What I found is if I had my hand over any other buttons besides the control lock, it didn’t work. It had to be only over the control lock.

  7. Karen DeLockery

    Thank you soooo much! My boiling water spilled over and locked mine. My husband died four years ago and I struggle to unlock the mysteries of repairs. I turned off the electricity at fuse box and the lock still came on when I turned it back on. You’re a genius!

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