Verizon FIOS – Fuse HD, Fox Soccer HD and other channels not coming in

Tivo missing channels on FIOS, including FUSE HDThe other day I was watching Fuse HD, I know, but I like to watch the music videos in the background while working.  Suddenly the screen went black and I got a searching for channel message.  I thought that was odd, and figured Verizon was having a glitch.  After a couple days, I noticed that it never came back.  I contacted Verizon Tech Support, but as usual they were not very helpful.

I should add that I have a Tivo with a cable card, although it has worked flawless since originally installed.  I tried rebooting the Tivo, but no luck.  I did a quick Google search to see if Verizon perhaps dropped Fuse, but Verizon claimed that they did not, and I should be receiving it with my subscription.

Once again I did some searching, and found some posts that seemed to indicate that this was a somewhat common problem with FIOS.  Others were reporting missing channels, the most common were E HD (696), IFC HD (734), Hallmark HD, MLB Network, YES, SNY, Fuse HD, and Fox SoccerHD.  So, I did not have a solution, but felt somewhat better knowing that this seemed to be a common problem and I was not alone.Searching for Channel

Finally, I stumbled on the solution.  It appears that Fuse HD and Fox Soccer HD are both on 69Mhz, which I have been told is one of the lower frequencies, and one that is commonly affected by noise on the cable line.  The suggestion was to look for leakages between the ONT (Optical Network Terminal), splitters, jacks, and receiver.  I had recently moved one of the splitters, so that was the first place I checked.  Sure enough, the incoming cable was loose, and as I was tightening it, the picture came right in!  Apparently, others have found that some of the older ONT units (MOT 611 IIR) have a known problem with passing the lower frequencies, so if a simple jack tightening does not solve your problem, you may want to also look into this.

What car manufacturers try to cover up

One of the interesting aspects of the Internet is the ability for car enthusiasts to share information about their vehicles.   I am always amazed how many people have similar issues with their car, however when discussing with a dealer, the dealer acts as if no one else has an issue.

Recently the folks on LotusTalk.com have identified a potentially serious issue with the overhead oil feeds in the camshaft cover.  This is believed to be causing a failure of the camshaft, which ultimately results in a broken rocker arm.  Multiple people have now confirmed that their car also shows evidence of a problem.  So far, Lotus, and Toyota who manufacturer the 2ZZ-GE engine are silent….  You can read more here.
lotus elise cam oil spray pattern
What other cars have similar issues?  I would love to hear other folks experience, I have included a few well known issues that I currently know of.

Ford Spark Plug Issue

Toyota Oil Sludge Issue

BMW Engine Failure

Don’t bang your brakes! Remove rusted Brake rotors

How many times have you tried to get off either front or rear brake rotors and they were frozen (rusted) onto the hub?  Standard shade-tree (and professional many times) method for popping them is to hit the rotors with a big sledge hammer.  This is a great way to kill your wheel bearings.

Next time, try this method.  A picture is worth a thousand words….

easy way to remove brake rotor


Remove the brake caliper, and then pass a bolt through the caliper ears.  Thread on a nut between the rotor and caliper ear.  Slowly tighten and release the but as you rotate the rotor.  It will quite simply, just fall off.