Lotus Elise Front and Rear OEM brake rotors


babe in blue with blue Lotus elise

If you are looking for a OEM replacement rotor for the front and rear of your Elise, Centric part# 128.23000 is a perfect fit.  You can save a lot of dollars by buying on Amazon for ~$70 each.

Features: Cross Drilled OEM Brake Rotor

  • Superior resistance to cracking due to thermal stress
  • Increased molybdenum content that extends reliability, service life and helps reduce NVH “noise” issues
  • The addition of high performance street pads provide you with higher resistance to fade, higher maximum operating temperature, and better initial bite to allow consistent deep braking into corners.
  • Cross drilled brake rotors prevent glazing of the pads, add bite and improve wet and dry braking performance.


Lotus Elise Suspension Settings

girl with a wrench

Torque Settings: All in Nm
– Upper and lower wishbone pivot bolts 45
– Upper and lower swivel joint ball pins 55
– Upper swivel joint plinth to hub carrier 68 = Camber Bolts
– Toe-link outer ball joint to hub carrier 55
– Toe-link inner ball joint/wishbone to subframe 50
– Toe-link ball joint lock nuts 45
– Damper to lower wishbone 45
– Damper to chassis 45
– Brake caliper to hub carrier – upper M10 45 – 50
– lower M8 26 – 30
– Hub bearing unit to hub carrier 90
– Rear hub nut 220
– Wheel to hub 105 (78 lb-ft)

Lotus Elise and Pretty Girls, perfect combo!

Everybody agrees that pretty girls and a great car go together perfectly.  Especially a Lotus.   Need more proof?  Pick your favorite and tell me why at the bottom, if you make it that far!

Lotus Posters Available Here

Texas Girls Love The Lotus

Texas Girls Love The Lotus

Fast and the Freakish with a Lotus Elise
Fast and the Freakish with a Lotus Elise
A Girl and Her Lotus

When it Rains it Pours, Girl with an Umbrella

Japanese Lotus Elise

Hood Riding Lotus Girls

Rachel’s Elise with Tattoos

Lovely Elise

Rachel’s Lotus Elise

Teresa with No Top Lotus Elise

Triple X’s Lotus Elise

School Girl Lotus Elise

Matching Blue Bikini and Lotus Elise

Bikini Lotus Gurl

English Girls Love Racing Lotus Exige

Too Pretty Lotus Girl

Keeping the Lotus Clean

A matching set, love the orange….

Harness Girl!

Lotus Bikini Wash

Girl on Lotus Elise hood

The Fast and the Furious meet Lotus

Wake-Up Call

Matching Orange Lotus and Panties

Lingerie in the Lotus, nice fishnets

People staring at the pretty orange Lotus

Harness Girl!

Pretty Blonde with her Lotus Evora

Perfect Symbol for the perfect car

German Racing Lotus Elise

Green Flag =  Go for It!

Topless Lotus Elise

Perfect Shot

Team Lotus!

Yellow Vinyl

Lotus Elise Camel

3? I say at least an 8, Lotus Elise = 10
White Boots and Such

Looking In! Peeping Elise

Hawaiian Tropic Babes with Lotus Elise

Lotus Elise Hawaiian Tropic Girls

Lotus Elise Nice Legs

Lotus Elise Hooter Girls

Stepping out of Lotus Elise

Elise Hot on Top

Teresa Topless with Lotus Elise

Mad Wife with Lotus Else

Wife Pushes Lotus Elise

Relaxing in Bikini with Lotus Elise

Virgin White Lotus Elise with Girl

Fast Girls Like Lotus Shorty

Not sure how a BMW Girl got in here

Blue Shirt with Black Lotus Elise

Lotus Elise Hooters Girl

High Fashion Lotus Elise Model

Pretty Julia Allison in Front of Date’s Lotus Elise

Another Harness Girl sneaks into Lotus Pictures

Hooter Girls on Orange Lotus Elise

Pretty Bikini Lotus Elise Girl

Bikini, Sweat Pants, Lotus Elise = Pretty

Cute English Girl with Lotus

Harness Girl with Roll Cage – No Lotus

Cute Girl Sitting in Lotus Elise

Julia Allison in Front of Pretty Lotus Elise

Pretty Blue Bikini with Silver Lotus Elise

Girl in Crazy Clothes with Lotus Elise

Pretty girl in Mini Skirt in front of a Red Lotus – Yokohama
Hot Japanese Girl in front of Lotus, showing her colors
Nice pair of Jean in front of this Lotus – Careful, don’t pop a tire!

Pretty Japanese Girl on older Blue Elise Heritage Type 79
Pretty Japanese Girl on older Blue EliseHeritage Type 79
Ran out of Gas…
Ran out of Gas...
Young girl in a Bikini
Young girl in a Bikini
Maggie Grace Faster with gun and Lotus Elise
Maggie Grace Faster with gun and Lotus Elise
Girls in Orange Top and Elise
Girls in Orange Top and Elise
Pretty Girl on older Blue Elise
Pretty Girl on older Blue Elise


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