RIP – Blue Meanie – 7/7/2008

Blue Lobster - \

Poor Blue Meanie passed away yesterday.  He was a faithful pet for the past 18 months.  Unfortunately his filter stopped running and the rest is history.  Always full of energy and eager for a bite of food, he provided us a lot of entertainment.

Don’t tell anyone, Blue Meanie was not a lobster, but actually a crayfish.  A guy from Florida gets the credit for developing the blue form of P. alleni / P. paeninsulanus (both may be the same species).  His name is Bob Hammer, Sr.  In fact, in Japan, this blue crayfish is also known as the “Blue Hammer”.  From what I’m told, he developed the blue color, through selective breeding, from a few wild crayfish that had more blue in them than others.  Either way, he will be missed.

Good bye Mr Meanie.


8 thoughts on “RIP – Blue Meanie – 7/7/2008

  1. Mexican Dude

    Nooo! That’s bad. It was such a nice character…it gave the Oomph to your kitchen. Oh well.

  2. gsmith Post author

    We will all miss him… But, my guess is a new one will soon take his place. Thanks for coming by and visiting!

  3. thebeadedlily

    He’s so beautiful! I’ve seen crawfish– caught them too:) But never anything like this! I’m sorry he’s gone:( It’s tough to lose a pet and I hate it when some malfunction or accident happens cause then I blame myself.
    Hope you find a new pet soon!

    thebeadedlilys last blog post..primitive series– fore nose ring

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