Toyota SDK8

I have a 1984 Toyota SDK8 that I bought a number of years ago.  It is a great skid loader, but because they are no longer imported into the US, it is a real pain to find any info.  I am going to start posting all of the information I have about it on this page, hopefully some other folks will add any information that they may have.  Right now I am focused on getting the starter turning over reliably, it usually only turns over about once every four or five tries.

My bucket attachment is also all mangled up, I am curious if anyone has replaced their’s with a BobCat Quick Tach attachment plate?

Repair manual which covers the inspection, adjustment and repair procedures for the overhaul of the engine, chassis and materials handling system of the Toyota Skid Steer Loader 2SGK6, 2SDK6, 2SDK7, and 2SDK8.

Fuel Filter Napa 3386

Oil Filter Napa 1521
Hydraulic Napa 51551

Fan Belt Mitsubishi 99523-11 52

Motor for SDK8 is a Toyota 2J diesel. Diesel Forklift truck CPCD80-2,80-2J,TOYOTA 2J ENGIN D B 4CY, 2.5 LTR

Go here to find some mini-skid steers.


Toyota SDK8
Not a BobCat
Toyota Bobcat Called SDK8
Toyota Skid Steer Loader
Toyota Bobcat Called SDK8
Toyota Skid Steer Loader

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142 thoughts on “Toyota SDK8

  1. Phil Mnuk

    High, I have a SDK8 skidsteer. It is 30 years old so I’m looking for some new parts for it. I’m looking for the EDIC motor and other new parts, starter, altenator relays etc. I have the part numbers of the motor but cannot find anyone that sells it buy searching it on line. Does anyone know where I can get parts for it?

  2. Grant

    You will have to buy parts through a Toyota Material Handling dealer, for my ‘2SDK8’ I usually go to Toyota Lift, 11446 N Woodside Ave, Santee, CA 92071
    (619) 562-5438
    Toyota parts are pricy, the engine is used in several models of forklifts etc, so you may find some aftermarket parts on ebay etc hit and miss, but have never seen EDIC motor, you might try getting the starter motor/alternator etc rewind – might be cheaper, some parts are end of life…

  3. Grant

    first hit on ebay US searching ‘sdk8’ found a starter motor $319, if you click on the ‘go to other items from this seller’ who knows… you may find an alternator… no clue on how decent the parts are… if you find a parts source other than Toyota dealers… please post

  4. scott

    I am looking for a set of spring holders for the travel levers for my 2SDK8 bobcat. Any help would be appreciated.

  5. jeff

    Hi im all new here.. and I have a sdk8 It runs good. but will need a fan blade can anyone point a direction,,,,thanks for any help

  6. Terry

    I just got a 2SDK8 skid steer with the motor out and all apart. Could any of you with one of these machines please take pictures of the throttle/intake linkage and engine bay for me? I feel I may have parts missing.

  7. Gary

    Hi guys. I have a 2SDK8 as well which has no bash plates on it. I can get them new from Toyota Japan but at $400 a plate im not to keen on that idea. If anyone can measure theirs up and post a drawing that would be greatly appriciated. I would much prefer to knock them up my self. Thanks

  8. Terry H

    Jeff, I just ordered a fan blade along with many other 2J parts from “parts we can”. It is the only place I have found parts and the prices are good. Shipping is higher but it is direct from China. And again, could someone send me pics of the throttle linkage/ injection pump. And other under hood pics. Please!

  9. Grant

    Terry, I have posted some photos of the throttle and engine bay, http://www.2sdk8.com/gallerythrottle/
    if there are other photos you are looking for please send me a post in the forum http://www.2sdk8.com/forum/
    Where about are you located?, perhaps someone in your area has a 2sdk8 you can go look at…
    I am curious about the parts you ordered from china, would be interested in hearing about them when they arrive, quality of the parts and how you would rate the experience.

    Gary, are the bash plates the under carriage protection plates? http://www.2sdk8.com/protectionplates/, drop me a note in forum with email and I will get measurements http://www.2sdk8.com/forum/

  10. Terry H

    Thank you for the pictures grant. I will let you know how the parts go, as I am curious myself…. But I dont have many options. Partswecan is the only place I have found parts… I should be getting them in a week or so.

  11. Terry H

    I ordered a bunch of 2J diesel parts. The 2J Toyota diesel is in the 2SDK8 skid steer and is very hard to find parts for, or at least was for me. After searching and not wanting to pay huge numbers for parts I found “partswecan.com” they do not have much for the Toyota skid steer itself but do have every singtle engine part you could need, from internal to external engine parts. They do have parts for other engines and machines too. I ordered a bunch of parts (crankshaft, camshaft, push rods, tappets, pistons, sleeves, fan blade, etc..) I paid using Papal. After only a week I received all my parts from China! Only a week! Everything I ordered showed up and seems to be of good quality. The prices are very reasonable (cheaper than I thought it would be) partswecan.com is a safe and reliable supplier of engine parts for the Toyota 2SDK8 and other machines.


    Hey guys,
    I have sdk8 skid steer 1993

    The battery wont charge, the glow plugs wont work and oil pressure / glow plug lights don’t light up.

    it will start when its not cold and I have changed the alternator

    If anyone has any ideas I will be grateful thank you

  13. Terry H

    I just got my 2SDK8 machine running and when I move the steering controls it moans quite loud. It moves good and seems to have power. Is this normal noise? It is very loud. It was completely drained of the ATF type F fluid and I did re fill and drain air from the system… Atlast I think I got it all out. If this is or isn’t normal what would be a fix to quieting it down?

  14. Willow


    Trying to find some info on the service filters for a friend of mine who is not great with computers.

    I am chasing part numbers for a 4SDK8? They are worn off on his machine.

    Does anyone have them? I can’t find the right service manual to buy, it is def. a 4SDK8-12422, around a 92-94 model.

    Any help you could give would be appreciated.

    Also chasing the number for the belt too. Thanks in Advance

  15. Scott

    Have a sdk8 with a rebuilt motor here in Australia . I think I have a stuck or missing a relief valve as when the drives are going it’s all fine but if you stop the drive it blows a seal on the pump and ends up filling the engine with oil.. Anyone got any ideas..??? [email protected]

  16. craig

    I know this is an old thread, but what the heck- I have the adapter for sdk to bobcat. Weight a hundred pounds or so, so shipping might be a problem. Also- the photos of the throttle linkage on the sdk8 are nothing like the connectors on my sdk7, so be aware.

  17. Dan

    I’m new to this too, would it be possible to post up some pictures of the adapter for sdk to bobcat or other quick tach if it is still available? Thanks………….Dan…….Newbie

  18. Frank O'Brien

    Hey fellas first I would like to thank Gary for the PDF without it repairs would not be easy! I live in NY, own a 2DSK7, forgot what year. I purchased it off Craigs List for 500$ the engine was out and completely apart. The seller told me the cylinder head was bad. That was the expensive part. Found one that the shop rebuilt for me shipped was $900. That took about a month to locate. I rebuilt the engine using the original crank and aftermarket parts bought off eBay about 3 years ago. Want to say Falcon was the name of the stuff and the guy was in Florida. Maybe it was 400$ for everything. I pressed the cylinder liners out and the new ones in myself on a shop press.The rebuild was quite easy with a factory manual for the 2J engine. Plus another print so between the two it was very straight forward. Funny how some folks are missing their skid plates, I was as well. I have access to plate steel and made my own. As far as the adaptor a few guys are talking about for.the bucket wxif your a semi decent fabricator it’s not rocket science. Besides a bucket I have a set of forks for my machine that have a side shift and a spread function. They weigh a ton but they were free. There great for ripping stuff up :))
    My electronic shut down and circuit enrichment was never 100% so I just.went with a manual shut down. My drives wine quite badly as well. Always have but they haven’t gotten worse. I took the waffle iron out of the instrument cluster for the glow plug circuit It was an open circuit. I also never had a cable that locks out the joysticks. Just be careful when getting in and out. I have put close to 500 hours on my machine and it is 100%. Now the hour meter reads 2700. Looks a bit hard on the eye, someone sprayed it big bird Yellow. If anyone needs any copies of either engine manual for the sdk I’d be happy to send it to you…free of charge just pay for shipping! For the money there great machines if you can stay away from the Toyota oem parts!

  19. Terry H

    I have an sdk8 with the 2J diesel and I got all my parts straight from China at “parts we can”. The parts where prices very cheap and quality was good. That was the only place I could find parts after looking online forever. my electric throttle didn’t work so I used a large solenoid to pull the lever on the injection pump so it still shuts off with a key. Also I have no skid plates lol did you keep a pattern or have measurements for them?

  20. craig

    If you ever need the fuel injector pump rebuilt, I highly recommend Diamond Diesel in Oakland, CA. They just did mine, and wow- the sdk never ran that well before. They said they got the parts from 4 sources on 3 continents. Total $1300 out the door. By the way, TMH wouldn’t touch it. “In light of the age of the machine…”

  21. johnny3

    Somehow my last reply didn’t go through.

    Hi Frank, I’d love to have a copy of the 2j engine manual. Send me the cost and your address and I’ll mail out a money order to you. I’m in upstate NY. Thanks, john

  22. Grant

    For those looking for skid plates that go under the loader, aka the protection plates (listed as ‘CA & CB bash plates’ in the parts list) , I did some cad drawings for these recently from my loader


    if you need the cross member that they mount to in the center, drop me note in the forum on http://www.2sdk8.com and will attempt to draw it up.
    Include your email so can notify you when done

  23. Grant

    I have posted drawings for the protection plates (aka skid plates / bash plates) for the 2sdk8, (few days ago, but may still be waiting moderation )

    you can find them on my 2sdk8 site, scroll up to posting #11 above for direct link URL (the url ending in ‘protectionplates’)
    or on my 2sdk8 [_dot_] com site, select resources and there is a link under misc.

  24. Austin Cloninger

    Hi, I have a 80’s SDK8 skid that I bought not running,. I have rebuilt the motor but the linkage from the solenoid to the injection pump is missing. Does anyone know why the shut off goes forward and backward? It then wants to stop in the middle, seems to be the fuel off position but which direction is on?? Thanks in advance for any help, I very much appreciate it.


  25. Terry H

    Forward is off, middle or relaxed is run and back is cold start. Or vise versa… But in that order.

  26. Austin Cloninger

    Great , Thanks Terry,, now I have to come up with a linkage to connect. Do yo know if the little tab that pivots freely back and forth is original? Thanks

    Austin C

  27. Rick Pellegrom

    I have a 1990 Toyota SDK8 with some issues. Can anyone answer why the hydraulics would be weak? At lower idle the bucket will barely lift and I need to idle way up to get it to lift. Even at higher idle the machine will not lift additional weight. The engine runs great and there is no issues with power to the hydrostatic transmission that I can tell. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks, Rick

  28. Gary Harrison

    Hi Rick
    I will try and scan the section out of the manual to you which shows how to check the hydraulic pressure at the control valve. Seen as these are old girls hopefully it could just be buggered o-rings on the relief valve.

  29. Frank O'Brien

    Check your hydraulic level, hydraulic filter, spool throw at valve bank and if pedal linkage is obstructed. Next check your hydraulic pressure you may need to adjust your relief valve. You may have a weak or broken relief valve spring. Or even a worn spool or spool bore in the valve. Bad O-rings in valve. How’s the curl circuit or the auxiliary circuit? Good luck.

  30. Rick Pellegrom

    Thanks Frank! I did remove and clean the oil pump and didn’t find anything that would be of concern. The curl, or tilt, and aux seem to be reacting exactly the same. I will remove the valves tonight and take apart the relief valve first. I would assume that is where I’m having issues. I appreciate all the help!

  31. Rick Pellegrom

    Thanks Gary, I have a copy of the manual that I think you are referring to. Its about 330 pages. I pulled the oil pump that’s driven by the engine PTO to see if the seals were bad or if there was excessive wear. I will tear into it in the next day or so and see what I can find. Since the hyd tank is drained I may just disassemble the valves and see if there are any bad seals.

  32. Dan

    RE: If anyone is looking for a starter for the Toyota SDK series loaders they are currently on E-Bay listed as new from GA. $119.62 total cost w/free shipping via listing #330613738135 Crank & Charge is the seller. I don’t currently need one for my machine so cannot verify the seller. JFYI…………Cranky I’m sure shipping would be extra for anyone out of the USA!!!!!

  33. Gary Keener

    I am also looking for the adapter plates to make it quik tach for bobcat implements. Anyone know if they are available? And Where Thanks

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